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Underground tube

By the third quarter of 2020, the government shall be presenting to the public their vision for Malta s underground tube. Due to Malta s small size, there is not enough land for bus lanes so these can never be on time. As part of Malta s huge economic growth the demand for transport increases we have seen very heavy traffic on the roads so this is well needed.

Building a bridge from Malta to Gozo and Land reclamation

As part of its electoral pledge te government decided to build a tunnel from Malta to its sister island of Gozo. This will enable The Maltese, Gozitans, ex-pats and tourists to get there within 5 minutes. This accessibility will open up Gozo to a whole new chapter of prosperity, investment accessibility and change to its landscape forever. The limestone generated from the digging of the tunnel shall be used for land reclamation and create an island like Dubai’s Palm city.

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