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Property Management

If you require our company to take care of your property for you, we have a separate department offering such a service. When you purchase a property whether you live in Malta but don’t have the time or expertise to look after your largest ever investment we are here to help. If you are an international investor and do not live in Malta and you would like us to take care of your asset whether it is empty or rented. We do monthly inspections to ensure there are no issues.

What we offer

  • Pay the utility bills
  • if there any day to day issues we get them done
  • If there is any structural work orĀ  major repairs we inform you and solve them
  • keep the property clean at all times
  • In the case of a tenant, we do the viewings
  • We sign the contract on your behalf and pick up the deposit and rent
  • Carry out inventory report
  • Upload lease contracts to the government department which is required by law

If you require any further information kindly contact or speak to any agent of your choice or call ( 356) 99997777

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