Jerome Estate Agency Foundation in memory of Connie Wirth
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Jerome Estate Agency Foundation in memory of Connie Wirth

Donating 5% of profits to charity


Inspired by Mr.Paul Gauci, who donated Malta’s largest-ever private donation from a business in both Malta and Gozo after having donated seven million euro worth of shares to 5 separate charities.
As one of Malta’s retail giants, owning Zara stores in Malta, Pama and Pavi shopping complexes, he decided that in by doing so, the charities would benefit from sizeable financing through the dividends received over the years.

Giving back to society is one of the fundamental missions at Jerome Estate agency. We strongly believe in the principles that we are all equal; and that at some point in our lives, we may need a helping hand.
Therefore, why not help those who need it?

Malta and Gozo have made massive strides throughout the last 30 years, however, there are many people who have fallen in the wayside, unfortunately. This is something that happens internationally and seems to be an inevitable part of economic growth. As prices rise due to inflation, the less wealthy and those considered ‘at the bottom of the ladder’,
struggle to keep up; even more so, as wages never increase at the same rate as inflation, therefore leaving them in poverty.

The Issues


The environment is a key element of mankind. Before humanity developed, humans lived in forests. Till this very day, some still do as they surround themselves with nature, sun and sea and animals. Mankind and the environment walk side by side and we need to coexist.

Helping the poor in Peru

This mountainous region in Peru called Arequipa. It is home to one of the largest proportions of poverty known to mankind. There are thousands of children who have found themselves without parents due to poverty, sickness and other unfortunate circumstance; and so therefore abandoned.
These same children, as well as many others, have no access to running water, sanitation, drainage infrastructure and medication. Nor do they have any food or a place to call home!
This is the sad fate of millions of people around the world. I spent 4 weeks with Father Giovanni helping him with his mission. With the funds he collected, he built a community comprising of a 3 storey building and provided free food and shelter. He also provided a doctor and medicine for the entire community.

Reducing Poverty in Malta

Malta has a strong socialist history which stems from our Catholic faith, with numbers at nearly 95% up until 2010. The island offers free first-class healthcare, pensions, good unemployment benefits as well as financially compensates students to attend tertiary education. The state provides hundreds of housing units to assist these students, however, it is still not enough!

The many thousands of people who fall below the poverty line, struggle to make ends meet particularly those who have large families with several kids to feed.


Immediate Goals

  1. Emphasize the importance of education to improve one’s standard of living and job prospects.
  2. Upgrade people’s homes to be of an adequate level and raise families with good sanitation.
  3. Educate the public to reduce the number of children per household by taking precautions.
  4. Create government awareness that social housing is to be used on a short term basis and not as a permanent fix.
  5. Reduce our carbon footprint.
  6. Assist the less fortunate in Arequipa Peru

Long term Goals

On a strategic level, we will aim to create a partnership with the church so as to better maximise the resources of the church itself, the state,
as well as the private sector. Therefore, providing good quality housing for all those who need it. The importance of social mixing is key to its success, as this will provide the stimulus to improve oneself. The creating of ‘ghetto towns’ by building large free housing areas is the reason for this disaster.

The foundation will seek to raise awareness about the importance of helping others in business by seeking to inspire other companies to do the same. This will be achieved through its connections within the industry and by explaining the hardships that many people face on a daily basis.

How we are going to achieve our goals

The environment

This can be achieved by reducing our carbon footprint through the use of solar panels, collecting and reusing rainwater for our everyday needs, as well as recycling. The shift towards electric cars and bikes is of great importance! These are all examples of what one can do on a personal level.
Whereas on a more macro approach, one should consider planning buildings with a zero-carbon footprint in mind; and should strongly aim towards buildings not being
built-in Outside Development Zone areas in order to encourage the growth and flourishment of nature!

Reducing Poverty in Malta

The tenants should be assisted through the use of education. Better job opportunities are to be of assistance whilst their financial position improves. This unit should then be passed onto the next person who requires such facilities rather than owning it personally. Our team member will help in restoring homes, purchasing equipment, fixing problems through time and money allocated.

Helping the poor in Peru

Continue to sponsor children, as has been the case since 2016. Organise fundraising opportunities to generate funds such as sports events, clean-ups, as well as
assist Father Giovanni in his selfless quest to assist the less fortunate.

How it will be run

The foundation responsible for these funds shall comprise of a priest, a financial controller, Jerome Mamo (his beautiful and intelligent wife) and another director of the company. They shall be required to meet up every other month in order to ensure that the implementation of the foundation and its targets are obtained.

Jerome Foundation

My great aunty who after losing her mother at a very young age, selflessly gave up her time, life and money to raise her 12 siblings. After losing her husband just one year after marriage, she helped raise her 4 nephews, to then raise my 3 brothers and me, until her passing in 2018.

A true inspiration

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