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Banks and loans

Banks and Loans

In Malta and Gozo, there are over 24 international banks which have a presence. Although as of late most companies do not need local banks to run 95 per cent of their business.  There are around 10 high street banks including HSBC and Malta s leading local bank is Bank of Valletta. 

Banking in Malta has been the centre of the islands’ backbone, supporting the growth of Malta s economic revolution.  The ratio of  Capital retained by local banks are among the most in Europe, and Maltese banks have offered solvency rates that are double the EU average. The reason being that due to Malta s religious history our risk appetite is very low which allowed Malta not to suffer much during the last previous financial crisis in 2008.  Malta has seen a significant change in its banking sector over the last few decades, from nationalisation to privatisation with some of the worlds top banks setting up shop.

Banks in Malta are offering

  • corporate banking
  • retail banking
  • universal banking
  • Banks in Malta are Focused on
  • corporate banking
  • retail banking
  • universal banking
  • business overview
  • account opening
  • products and services
  • customer ratings
  • key financial data
  • credit ratings
  • deposit guarantee

If you need assistance with banking in Malta we can recommend banks of our choice depending on your requirements that we have built long term relationships with throughout the last 2 decades. Kindly speak to the agent of your choice at our company for further details on Agents Page

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