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Cost of living and crime

You might think that moving to a stunning island in the Mediterranean sea will be expensive. Your euros can go far. Many citizens who live in Malta have said that they live comfortably on as little as 2,600 euros or possibly less per month. The crime rate is 0.94 per cent which is nearly non-existent since we are an island everyone knows everybody. Until recently in Gozo, the landlords would leave the key in their front door when they went out.

The cost of renting a home in Malta is much cheaper than the western world and slightly more than in eastern Europe. The same goes for buying a home in Malta an even cheaper in Gozo. For more information click on the link to

Supermarkets and restaurants are other daily expenses are much less then you think.  Going out to a seafront good restaurant with fresh fish will set you back 25 euros. Besides the main advantages is that Malta and Gozo are small countries so generally people try and find accommodation close by to work saving the hassle of having to buy or rent a car and all the relevant costs of maintaining it.

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables from your local hawker costs next to nothing. There are also hawkers selling fresh fish in every village, the local baker, the quality is endless. For large shops the best value for money is Lidl and nearly all supermarkets offer home delivery. On average a loaf of delicious fresh Maltese bread is €0.84, a dozen eggs are €2.04 and you can buy good quality Italian, Maltese and even wine from Chile for €5.

High-level Schooling is available for your children right up to University level. There are government and church schools which are free are of a very high calibre. Alternatively, there are private schools that are approximately 3000 euros per scholastic year.

Public transport is very cheap with a one-way bus ride only 1.5 euros and 26 euros for a monthly bus pass. There are no taxes to pick up your rubbish disposal unless you operate a business. The costs of common parts vary from 250 euros per annum up to 3000 euros for the most prestigious buildings in Malta such as Portomaso.

A pint of beer in a pub is €2.50 and a cappuccino in a café, €1.75, whilst internet, Tv and mobile bundles total 100 euros monthly. Another essential factor is tax rates which are one of the cheapest in the world. For in-depth reading on taxes click on link

Living Malta on most days during the year activities include walking and cycling in the countryside, going to parks and spending fantastic days at the beaches, making sandcastles, chasing sunsets, barbecues and snorkelling. Free childcare is available and free transport for working mothers and kids have free transport from outside their home to school and back.

Your value proposition depends on where you are coming from as it is more expensive then eastern Europe but much cheaper than the western world. Besides the salaries are much higher than eastern Europe and slightly less than the western world with minimum wage at 5 euros per hour.  Also if you live in the city centre like Sliema, St.Julians and Valletta everyday goods and services and more expensive then if you live in the outskirts but only 10 minutes away. According to reports, Malta is 10% less than the USA and that leases are 35% less. Consumer prices are also 12% less than the UK, with rents nearly a quarter less on average.

Overall if you’re on a reasonable salary and don’t overpay on rent or you buy a property in Malta outright. You have a larger propensity to save you’re likely to end up with more savings than you would be living in a capital city such as London or New York.

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