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Global residence programme

Residence Programmes

​The programme to obtain a Maltese residence is a programme designed to attract foreign nationals that are not permanent residents of Malta. Beneficiaries may also have household employees providing who work in their qualifying property.

For an in-depth  view of the criteria required to click on the link below

The individual investor programme Is another residence programme for individuals who do not want to buy a permanent Maltese passport but a temporary residence.

There are different residence programmes depending on your financial situation. The advantages of getting a Maltese residence programme are listed and tax benefits

Depending on the residency programme you apply for will affect the number of days you spend in the country, the amounts you need to spend for rent or to buy property in Malta. These have been an overwhelming success as Malta is a low-cost stepping stone to Europe and English is an official language.

If you are interested in persuing a residence in Malta kindly contact an agent of your choice from They can put you in touch with a lawyer who we can recommend to fill in your application.

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