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Healthcare system

Due to Malta s religious and socialist history access to free and good quality healthcare for all our citizens is one of our fundamental rights as human beings regardless of our economic situation. Polyclinics are available in nearly every town with citizens able to attend for free without an appointment.  Private doctors on call do house visits generally within 3 hours from calling.

For more serious matters Mater Dei hospital is ranked as one of the best in Europe with a first-class oncology centre for cancer patients. Malta s healthcare is ranked number 33 in the world just after the United States and Sweden. For serious operations which are not emergencies, appointments are set for approximately three months depending on how serious the matter is.

All European Union citizens have a right to access Mata s healthcare as if you are a local. If you’re living in Malta before the end of 2020, your rights to access healthcare in Malta will stay the same for as long as you remain legally resident. You may have to pay for prescribed medicine which is available at every pharmacy which is located in every town.

For citizens with health insurance, we also have private hospitals such as St.James in which you will be treated immediately. We also have one of USA s largest hospital operator Stewards who won the tender for Malta s previous national hospital and are currently rebuilding it from scratch to create an international private hospital to attract medical tourism to Malta. Barts Hospital has opened a University on the island of Gozo and is offering medical students courses in Gozo. They are training their students through the hospital in Gozo.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Malta was praised by the World Health Organisation for our handling of the Corona Virus with only 6 deaths.

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